Mission statement 

Leading the way in wilderness education, changing lives one summer at a time.

About us

Yeshiva Outdoor Adventure is a registered Venturing Crew under The Boy Scouts of America, requiring it's staff to be well trained in many areas.It is a camp that brings learning and the outdoors to a whole new level. With a brilliant combination of camping and farbrengen, self-reliance and teamwork we empower our teens with independence and an appreciation for everything around them. Our motto is learning through action, as we race to mountain tops, and dash across lakes and rivers our campers will develop an unshakable faith in Hashem as they experience first hand the beauty of the world we were given.In addition to daily outdoors adventures, our boys will have customary learning classes and an opportunity to join inspirational and motivating farbrengen.These will be led by our enthusiastic staff and the shluchim we pass along the way.Moreover, our campers will join committees which will be responsible for different jobs throughout the summer.  These will include cooking, cleaning the campsites, pitching tents, etc.  This will encourage teamwork and assist in developing self-sufficiency and healthy living during camp and throughout the year.
Yeshiva Outdoor Adventure is offering the utmost productive and satisfying summer of your life.
Enjoy this incomparable experience as you bolster your character and strengthen your emunah.
Adventure and Yiddishkeit have never been so much fun.
​Are you ready for a real challenge?
​"See you on top"

Welcome to YOA!