​​​​How to apply: 

Please complete the online application form and submit application fee, accessible below:

Upon submitting the online application you will receive a confirmation email. In order for us to schedule an interview, your sons medical form must be filled and sent to the camps office. Please include a copy of your son's Medical Insurance Card. You can download the medical form below:

Please email us the forms at campyoa@hotmail.com or mail them to us at:
2627 B S.4th St,
JBLM, WA 98433

An interview date will be arranged for you and your son. The interview is an integral part in the application process. We will review camp policies, acceptance criteria, our responsibilities as staff and your son's responsibilities as a camper. We will also be introducing our staff and the general itinerary.  These steps are taken to insure an optimal camp experience for all of our applicants; this will also give us a better understanding of your son and his unique needs. 

Payment options; cash, check or use the donate page.

(please add 3% to cover the credit card processing fee)                        



Tzivos Hashem Contact:

Rabbi M. Nemes 718-467-0600

Ok Labs (for crown heights residents or children of shluchim only)

Call the office to get a form to fill out 718-756-7500.

Keren Avraham Eliezer Camp FundContact:

Mrs. Leah Lipskier 718-774-5174

NOTE:You many also contact your local Jewish Federation or JCC; they usually offer scholarships to community members..

Application Criteria:

“A Mench”

Age: 15-16 yrs

Language: English or Russian

Religious Level: Positive open-minded attitude towards growth and advancements in Yiddishkeit and Chassidshkeit.

Independence: Has self-discipline and is able to work alone responsibly

Attitude: Positive, a team player, adventurous, spirited, ready and willing to take on physical and spiritual challenges.

Respect: Has a reputation for respecting authority and peers.

Education: Coming from a Yeshiva and enrolled for the 2018-19 school year. Warning: You are representing yiddishkeit to some for the first time.If this is not your son, don’t worry. Contact us and we will help you find the camp you’re looking for.

Cowboy Camp

TBA  2018
Arrive at:  Boise airport (BOI) 
by 1pm

Departing from: Boise airport (BOI) 




June 3oth 2019 

Arrive at:  Salt Lake City Utah. (SLC)

July 28th 2019

Departing from:  Denver, Co. (DEN)




Payments due:

May  27th -   $1,250

June 3rd  -    $1,250

June 17th -   $1,000

(Tuition is non-refundable after June 17th 2019)