Alter Deitch

Yehudah Rice

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Rabbi Michoel Harari
Camp Director

After almost a decade at United Lubatcher Yeshiva of Ocean Parkway as the 8th grade teacher and Vice Principal, Rabbi Harari is back home currently teaching in Lubavitch Educational Center’s Klurman Mesivta.

Rabbi Harari has been involved with staffing camps since 1998. His experience has brought him to Camp Gan Israel in Montreal, Canada and NY,  to leading backpacking trips through the treacherous Carpathian Mountains, as well as head counselor of Camp Gan Israel in Yekaterinoslav, Ukraine and more recently volunteering as a SOLO Wilderness EMT on the White Mountain Search & Rescue Team (WMSAR)  and Hatzalah of Miami-Dade. Rabbi Harari has continued to stand out as an extraordinary figure in the camping world. His aptitude, however, extends beyond the field of camping with his long history of youth programming that he has done throughout the world. We are looking forward to his leadership again this coming summer.

Eliyahu Raskin

 Eliyahu "Yahoo"  spent last summer as the head counselor of Ranch camp where he artistically communicated the Beauty of Yiddishkeit in a fun and unique way. He has been an integral part in arranging school programs ranging from, martial arts to chassidick fabrengings on snow covered mountains of Pennsalvaina.  Growning up on shlichus in Brooklyn Heights and helps run programs for the community. His passion for education and the outdoors makes him a great addition to our YOA team.

Chanania Steinmetz


 Chanania has spent seven summers at YOA! 
From shlichus in Singapore he worked hand in hand with the local Jewish community assisting them with all aspects of yiddishkeit.  An expert counselor with years of experience guiding kids and teens spanning the former Soviet Union, America, East Asia both in and out of camp environments. Finishing the year working diligently on getting his Rabbinical Smicha Certification which he received before leaving Singapore, a passion for the outdoors. Chanania with no doubt will again add greatly to our program. 

Alter Deitch

Life, excitement, love, passion, 
art , music, out of the box, colorful, 
gets the job done, on wheels,
responsible, dedicated, SOLO trained Wilderness First Aid, 
Magen David Adom Israel volunteer and so much more…

Alter's third year at YOA will be "Over the Top"! 

Yehudah Rice

Having grown up in The Bay Area at the foothills of Mt. Tamalpais, Yehudah was raised with a deep love for nature and all of its beauty. After spending two years in YOA he was awarded the “Above and Beyond” for his positive can do attitude and unyielding desire to grow.   Yehudah is taking the next step in  being Jr. counselor.  He brings alot to the table. 

Ari Begun

Ari is no stranger to YOA, he has spent three consecutive summers as a camper and was awarded the “Above and Beyond” for his selflessness and dedication.

With his recent return from learning in Israel Ari definitely has the energy, and experience to add much to our team. His strength in learning and love for all of G-d's creations make him a true asset to the program.


Rabbi Yisroel Engel

The Rabbi moved to Denver in

 1982, to lead programs and classes for children and adults. Rabbi Engel is originally fromMontreal, Canada. Through the many classes, Shabbatons, lectures, children's programs, concerts, and holiday celebrations, the Engels have spread their love of Torah and the Jewish people to thousands. Rabbi Engel brought new meaning to children's programming when he introduced Denver to the Model Matzah Bakery and Shofar Factory - an educator's dream come-true. Hands-on and interactive, the multimedia experiences became an overnight success. Rabbi Engel pioneered the first olive-oil pressing demonstration for Chanukah in 1987 and it has since spread to 12 countries as well as throughout the United States andCanada. In 2000 Rabbi & Mrs. Engel stepped up to the role of spiritual and administrative leadership of Bais Menachem. Starting with a small core group, the Shul quickly grew and continues to grow - both in numbers and programs. Rabbi Engel serves as the camp Rabbi; he will not be traveling with the campers but will be available to answer any Halachic or other questions that may come up during out trip. We are privileged to have him as our camp Rabbi.


Our Staff

A great staff can make a boy’s summer. A boy away from home needs to trust the staff and sense their compassion and competence. Camp YOA staff members are hand picked for their caring and dedication.They sincerely want to see the campers enjoy a fun and very meaningful summer. The strong bond that develops with the campers often extends well past the summer’s end. Our staff is especially trained in techniques for self improvement and developing social skills. The one-on-one relationship formed with our staff members provides a strong backbone in character development.

Ari Denburg

Ari is joining us for his fourth summer. He has taught and lead groups of teens and adults from China to Australia, ranging environment of the Utah deserts to Mt. Rainiers glaciers. Haling from Montreal Canada Ari has perfected the ballance of learning and adventure. With his contagious positive attitude. Ari will continue to make a positive influnince in anyones life that he meets.