Things to Bring:

Campers need: 
(The links below are only shown as suggestions
and are there for you to understand what type of gear
is needed. It is in no way necessary to buy the
specific product that is linked.)

General gear:
-Two Yalmakas
-Two Tzitzit
-Black casket and jacket (shabbos clothing)
-Bathing suit
-Towel-small to medium
-Laundry bag-mesh synthetic
-Clothing - A few sets of regular everyday clothing

Camping gear:
-Sleeping pad - Either Foam pads or Air pads. (Keep in mind that air pads can be unreliable and pop.)
-Sleeping bag (30 deg.) - Synthetic is bulkier and heavier but works when wet.  Example.

Hiking gear:
-Hiking Boots - Should be laced and meant for hiking. Example 1 & Example 2
-Thermal Synthetic Top – Lightweight Polypros are inexpensive (Layer I)
-Thermal Synthetic Bottoms- Light weight (Layer I)
-Wool or wool blend socks- 2 pair hiking (Layer I)
-Wool or Bunting, Pile, or Synthetic Shirt or sweater (Layer II)
-Wool or Synthetic Pants (Layer II)
-Synthetic, Windbreaker (can be worn during davening and on hikes, water resistant or proof) (Layer III)
-Two Piece rain gear (top and bottom) - Frogg Toggs are inexpensive, and work, but aren't the greatest quality. If already own a light waterproof jacket and pants than that is the best. (Layer III)
​-Wool or Synthetic Gloves Wool
​-Synthetic Hat-lightweight

-Nalgene style bottle or Camelbak style Hydration Reservoir.
-Sunscreen min 30+SPF
-DARK Sunglasses 
-Flashlight / Headlamp - A headlamp is preferable but not necessary.
-Swiss Army or Leatherman Type Knife
-All things must be packed in a SOFT Duffle backpack (like the Army green ones) 

​Thing that will make camp more enjoyable:
-Space Blanket

-Water filter

"the more you pack, the more you carry"