The ranch/ riding aspects of the program is adjusted to safety and match the ability of each rider and of the horses. Safety is our primary concern. Weather and other factors play a role in the amount of time and jobs to be done with the horses.
A daily schedule would look something like this:

07:00- rise and shine

07:30- breakfast and learning/davening/time to yourself for personal needs

(chassidus taught and possibly prepared by one of attendees)

08:00- getting to know your horse and horse handling lessons

with the rancher and maybe his wife

09:00- ranch work on horseback

(moving cattle, checking land, checking fences, looking for strays)

12:00- lunch and learning

(stories from the rancher, Jewish topics, up for discussion)

12:40- ranch work on horseback

15:30-art and wellness workshop

17:30 dinner and self time

19:30- night lecture

(topics are still up for discussion. Can be a wellness topic, healthy cooking, healthy desserts...)

20:30- closing time

Working as a cowboy at the Lazy R ranch located high in the spectacular Idaho Mountains is a retreat and adventure of a lifetime. 

At Yoa's Idaho Cowboy experience you will be an important part of our cowboy crew as we ride, fence, rope, round up, doctor and sort our cattle. The Lazy R is a working cattle ranch.

A sturdy horse will become your new best friend as you cover miles of open range and ride in to the mountains.  Sleep in our comfortable ranch guesthouse after a traditional day of ranch life. Enjoy spiritual inspiration under the stars, around the fire and davening surrounded by breathtaking views.

This in an unforgettable adventure that will help you discover your inner wrangler.

Don't you think it is time to....Cowboy Up!


Arrive:  (BOI) airport Sunday Jan. 17th 2016
Depart:  (BOI) airport Thursday Jan. 21st 2016 
Cost: $1,400 (include: transportation to and from airport, lodging, food, equipment) 

(airfare not included)                                               

Home on the Ranch Women's Retreat

Take time away from the daily grind while relaxing in one of Idaho’s great ranches. Our all-inclusive ranch vacation gives you the freedom to kick back and let your daily worries and stress fade away in the comfort of good company and generous hospitality. Our Women's Retreat is your perfect vacation.  


Imagine lying in the woods on a far off mountain top: smelling the pine-scented air, listening to the crickets, and catching the final rays of summer on your face overlooking Idaho from a far off peak. What a week it will be at the ranch, the world will melt away. You’ll get paired up and acquainted with a horse that you can relate to and ride through the hills of Idaho. Outdoor adventures, natural hot springs, health and wellness workshops, art workshops and fresh, local homemade meals will fill your week. Gorgeous ranch style accommodations will enhance your getaway week.

Enjoy a week of laughter, healing, sharing, relaxation and spectacular adventure! Come alone or with your friends, you’re guaranteed to have a week filled with memories.

Please email: for further details and information

Dates: TBA

Location: Idaho Guest Ranch, Lazy R Ranch

Rates: $1400.00 (Not including air fare)

For women 21 and older


Each student is given his horse and riding gear for the entire program. We assign horses according to riding backgrounds to ensure that each person has a challenging yet safe riding experience.

After an introduction to the requirements of horse care, each student becomes responsible for grooming and saddling his horse. Riders quickly graduate to more demanding work both on and off the horses, such as wrangling, training young horses, driving cattle  and caring for the herd, as well as numerous other activities.

The climax of the program will come at the end of the session with a three-day pack-trip. This trip embodies the essence of western horsemanship. We will travel into remote portions of the rugged Payette Wilderness Area. If you are ready for a true western experience in a yeshiva environment… welcome to YOA’s Cowboy Experience.

Application Criteria can be found on our registration page.

 Father and Son Winter Program  

(Jan 17th-21st 2016)

Cowboy Camp

YOA Cowboy Programs